How to work as a freelancer in Bulgaria?

freelance in Bulgaria

Do you know that as an EU citizen you can work and pay taxes and social security contributions in Bulgaria and take advantage of all tax preferences in Bulgaria

Everything you need to know we have summarized here:

  • It is necessary to become a resident in Bulgaria – for this purpose it is necessary to have an address and permanent residence in the country.
  • To be registered as a freelancer in the Bulstat Register in Bulgaria – for this purpose you need to have a diploma, certificate, certificate of education or courses for the profession for which you will register
  • To register as a self-insured person with the Revenue Agency in Bulgaria
  • To register for VAT if you will provide services outside Bulgaria


All this will bring you the following benefits:

  1. No matter what income you will have in the month, you will be insured for a maximum of BGN 3,400 / EUR 1,200 /
  2. You will have tax deductible expenses 25% on your income
  3. You will pay 10% tax on your entire income after deducting insurance and 25% of statutory expenses


Sounds good doesn’t it? Take advantage of all this and work as a freelancer for any part of the world you want.


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